Making a decision to leave the corporate world for a mop and a vacuum seems a very odd but life changing decision to make! I worked in the property management industry for about a decade and had the privilege of working for some of the biggest real estate companies in the property industry and dealt with many high net worth clients.

Being a property manager and more so the head of a property management division allowed me to fully grasp the property management issues that occur on a daily basis.

One of the main things that struck me over the years, is the fact that a lot of contractors, namely, cleaning contractors, lacked knowledge of building compliance and certain aspects of maintenance for the buildings which they clean.

It is evident that there is a gap that can be filled to truly assist property managers and clients. Such efforts will no doubt make their daily tasks much easier and allow them to address other stressful aspects of the properties for which they are responsible. 

With much procrastination, I wanted to do something to caveat this service gap but there never seemed to be enough hours in the day! Lo and behold, I was furloughed, and thought, if not now, then when?

Without further ado; Tidy 2 Clean Ltd was born, a cleaning company with a difference, designed with property management in mind.

Whether you are a property manager or a private client, you can rest assured that you get the benefits of instructing a cleaning company that was founded by a fully qualified and experienced property manager. One who remains a member of the Institute of Residential Property Management and knows all too well what residents and occupiers want.

It is my belief that a clean building is the one tangible thing that occupiers can see and one of the main things that management companies and clients get judged on when they are tasked with maintaining a property.

We will be your eyes and ears of any development we are assigned to and not only will we ensure your reputation is maintained but we will work with you to give best value for money any which way we can.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and this is why high standards of customer service is at the core of any service we provide.


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